Why Content Marketing is Important to the Travel Industry

You may not realize it, but the travel industry has been utilizing content marketing for a long time. Whether it’s been through things like in-flight magazines or travel brochures, it has proven to be an effective marketing tool. It’s also one that has easily been able to make the digital transition. Anymore, content marketing is an essential element of the travel industry, whether you’re interested in increasing the exposure of a vacation rental business, hotel, or resort. If you’re not presently engaging in this type of marketing, you’re missing out on significant opportunities to reach more customers. The process will take time, but it’s an investment that’s well worth it.

Audience Targeting

Through informative and engaging content, you have the ability to not only target a defined audience but to attract new ones as well. Research is the key element to creating effective text, video, or graphic pieces. You need to know what your ideal audience is interested in, what they’re searching for, and if they’re unable to find answers to certain questions. This knowledge will enable you to create useful pieces specifically directed toward those individuals who are interested in your particular destination. This specificity increases the likelihood that your content, and subsequently your website, will be found by those who are most likely to need your services.

Brand Establishment

Once you’ve gotten the content ball rolling and you’re consistently producing quality pieces, you’ll notice some beneficial results. First off, your content will rise in search results rankings. This will serve to increase your website’s organic traffic. Sites that rank among the top four search results get 96% of all the clicks. When you’re listed among these top results, this leads customers to infer that your brand is an authority on the topic at hand. The more information your site has, the more likely it is that visitors will spend a significant amount of time looking through everything. In turn, this increases your potential for conversions.

Not only do search engines love quality content, but customers do, too. As we previously mentioned, a high search result ranking helps to establish your company as a reputable source of information. When your pieces are tailored to your target audience’s interests, this makes it much easier to develop authentic customer relationships. Even better, these informational items will go a long way in developing your brand’s personality. Brand trust and personality are critical factors in customer retention.

Multi-Medium Applications

You have the ability to use your content pieces on a variety of mediums. This makes it easier than ever to ensure that your information is reaching as many people as possible. Using social media and email newsletters will increase your brand’s reach, expanding your potential audience. When your information is shown on several mediums, you’ll get even more traffic to your website.

You can even develop your content so that it can be used in different formats. With even just one good topic, you can create a blog article, an infographic, a video, and more. This extends the life of your content and will increase its visibility as you’ve created multiple opportunities for customers to interact with and to get to know your brand. As different social media platforms do best with certain types of posts, you can modify your delivery method to best suit the platform and its users.


This type of marketing should be seen as an investment. You won’t see immediate results from your efforts as it takes time for search engines to find and index your informational pieces. If this strategy has been implemented properly, you will see results after several months. And even better, these results will be long-lasting requiring little additional effort from you to ensure they stay among the top search results. It’s a technique that’s both cost-effective and affordable.

Content Marketing and the Travel Industry

Content marketing is important to the travel industry as it offers companies an affordable way to maximize their online visibility. It works to establish brand reputation and awareness and to increase organic search traffic. This strategy plays an important part in targeting and retaining customers. As the travel industry continues to grow and become more complex and diversified, content will prove to be a value-added service that differentiates one brand from another.  

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