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complete done for you owner acquisition strategy

Take Advantage of Our Custom Strategy For Getting You In Front of Vacation Property Owners

how it works

We find the exact properties you want to bring on and get all of the owner’s information. This means you get:


  • Owner First Name & Last Name
  • Owner Mailing Address
  • Owner(s) Associated Phone Number’s (Cross Referenced with the Do Not Call List)
  • Owner’s Email Address (We find about 25 to 35 % of the Owners Email Address. All emails are verified deliverable.) 

what you get

Proven Results

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The money is in the list? ” Well, we couldn’t agree more. Having an up-to-date, high quality list of homeowners is the first step in your owner acquisition campaign. We find your prospects’ information, from their name, address, phone number and email address.

We leave no stone unturned when finding your prospects information. After all, a fruitful outreach campaign is most effective when you have accurate and reliable information. 

Getting in front of prospective owners is only have the battle. Next you need to entice them into what you’re offering. A quality designed postcard or handwritten letter with the right messaging will set you apart from other property managers.

We set up the ideal offer, design, and call tracking is included in our Direct Mail Strategy. We do everything so you can focus on building your business and bringing on new owners. 

(Resource Guide, Lead Magnet, Landing Page, Ads, Email Funnel)

We offer 1 landing page for use during each campaign that our team of
specialists builds. This landing page will be designed according to the offer and messaging that our expert deem is best with insight coming from your business.

The landing page is offered for use throughout our campaign.

Our Google Advertising campaigns are designed according to the goals together we have established albeit (traffic, leads, exposure, or the

-Create The Recommended number of Google Advertising campaigns, ad sets, and ads.
-Consistently Optimize Campaigns, targeting, and ads according to what is working best.
-A/B test various combinations of targeting, placement, copy, and media.

We set up an email sequence that drips out to second homeowner prospects. The goal of these emails are to spark the owner’s interest to get them to set up a call with your team. When we receive owner reply’s we forward this to your team so you can follow up accordingly.

We put you in front of hundreds of Realtors who are interested in partnering with property managers just like you. 

That’s right we get you a sit down with Local Realtors and all you need to do is sign them up for your referral program. You will be connected with multiple realtors.

Get in Front Of Your Owners Online after they Visit Your Site or Landing Page.

We get in front of your owners online. We do this by finding owners social media profiles, and adding tracking codes directly to your site so we can get in front of your prospects while they browse throughout the internet.

reports & tracking

We track every aspect of your campaign, including phone calls, clicks, website visits, and much more. This gives us the chance to better understand the results of our marketing efforts. Then, we can tweak and optimize as necessary to give you even better results. In addition, we give you access to your tracking dashboard so you can see campaign results firsthand.

are you the right fit?

we work with companies managing 12 or more properties!

Awesome clients

1. Are already up and running and are ready to take their digital marketing efforts to the next level.

2. Have existing customers and a steady flow of leads. Are currently engaged in advertising and other means of self-promotion that are generating sales.

3. Have a positive brand reputation combined with quality products or services.

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